STYLE GURU BIO: Sabrina Ricci

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Sabrina and I am a third-year marketing student at McGill University in the lively city of Montréal, Québec. I’m originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, and I am totally a West Coast girl at heart. I am a huge sucker for throwbacks, namely in the form of reruns of That’s So Raven and Lizzie McGuire, and the entire High School Musical soundtrack on repeat constantly (sorry, not sorry). I am also low-key obsessed with YouTube and I cannot eat breakfast without watching a daily vlog on the “ItsJudysLife” channel. If I had to describe myself to the universe in just three words, I would choose:


My imagination has always been my source of creativity. I am always thinking and dreaming of what I can do next. One day, I really hope to translate all these ideas into my own business.


I would take being called a nerd as a compliment all day, everyday. I am super driven when it comes to learning. In the panicking moments of late night studying before a final exam, you may catch me saying that I hate studying but deep down I love the fact that I am able to wake up every day and learn something new. One of my favorite things is simply just going to a cute café and sipping on a latte while reading my textbooks.


I wouldn’t say I’m adventurous in the sense that I’m a daredevil. I just love to have new experiences. My idea of an exciting adventure is exploring a new city and Instagramming my way through all of its amazing food and stunning sights.

I have a really easy time describing facets of my personality. When it comes to describing my style, I really can’t find one word to pin it down. Some days, I channel ’90s grunge with brown lipstick and boyfriend jeans. Some days, I channel contemporary vibes with geometric booties and oversized coats. Some days, there’s no channel at all! That’s what I love about fashion–every morning when I get dressed, I can become whatever kind of person I want to be. You can learn so much about a stranger by exploring their sense of style and that is what I hope to do at McGill for CollegeFashionista.