STYLE GURU BIO: Reed Emerson

Hello Fashionistas/os! I cannot believe it is my last semester of college, that’s crazy! What a whirlwind is has all been. College has taught me so much about not only myself but also about my style and taste. I am grateful to have cataloged this whole journey and experience on CollegeFashionista.

By the way, my name is Reed and I’m a second semester senior at Northern Arizona University where I am studying public relations, merchandising and photography. My passion for all things fashion developed at a very young age when I used to cut apart fashion magazines and reorganize them into a single magazine with my favorite looks. Since then, I’ve known that fashion is my one true love.

Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself and I love being able to use the Internet as a tool to get inspired, document looks I love, stay updated on current trends and possibly inspire others with new ways to shop or style outfits. I’m incredibly intrigued by regional fashion and taste and how in Flagstaff, Arizona, you’d wear one thing, but you drive two hours south to Scottsdale, Arizona, and you’d wear something completely different. For me, I’m always trying to emulate my inner Parisian/Kanye West-inspired style while also featuring either a pair of Nike’s or a good pair of heeled booties. Right now I love pairing different textures, like in this outfit with the knit sweater, the suede skirt and pebbled leather booties.

The ebbs and flows of fashion are what make it so unique and wonderful and I cannot wait to continue to show you all what makes Northern Arizona’s fashion so distinctive and creative.