STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Spillmann

Hello fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Rebecca Spillmann, and I am currently a junior at SUNY Oneonta studying fashion merchandising. I am very excited to be interning for the first time for CollegeFashionista this spring semester. I will be trying to find people with the trendy glow in the ever so gloomy Oneonta, New York and am bringing you along the way!

For all my life, I’ve been amused by fashion. It started off with my Barbie dolls’ outfits, moved on to fashion magazines (in which I hoarded) and then evolved to online shopping and blogging. I even had designs and business plans for “Rebecca’s Fashion Productions” by the age of nine. For my lack of serious fashion design skills, I had moved on to styling, but I do frequently love taking old clothes and reinventing them. By going to thrift stores or through some of my mom’s old clothes, I love to make small adjustments to make them new again. Vintage finds are always the best, and the hunt is usually my favorite part.

Being originally from Long Island, New York, we tend to carry a trendy glitz and polish with our looks that we can’t escape. With that in mind, I try to fight the urge to throw on my comfy staple outfit of combat boots, leggings, a graphic T-shirt and a flannel. Frequently those graphic T-shirts are from my favorite store, Gypsy Warrior. For other outfits, I am most inspired by music taste of old ’60s vibes of Woodstock and Janis Joplin and also ’90s vibes of grunge of Nirvana and band T-shirts. My style usually changes day to night. During the night, I love to dress up to go out wearing a wrap dress, heels and gold accessories. For more of a causal night out, an all-black ensemble of a black blouse, black skinny jeans and black booties.

So now that you know more about me, follow me in my articles to see trendy looks that inspire me each month for my #RAD adventures.