STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Rieg

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi, Fashionistas! My name is Rebecca (Becca) Rieg and I am a junior at The University of Bridgeport. I study communications with a focus in public relations and huge interest in fashion. I am a Jersey girl born and bred, and may be one of the proudest you’ll meet.

First, I’ll give a few fun facts. I am a college lacrosse player and I genuinely enjoy focusing on my health and fitness. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a cupcake or two…or four. My guilty TV pleasures are HGTV, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I know, I hate me too), Sex and The City, One Tree Hill, and any other romantic show or movie that can make me cry. If I am not at the gym or on my couch binge watching Netflix, I am most likely shopping or searching for a new delicious restaurant and good champagne.

Now about the fashion, I’ll start with saying I have loved fashion since I was young. I used to change five times a day, just for every little event on my agenda. My Mom used to bribe me with new clothes or shopping trips (worked every time). About my style? A key fact to understand is that I am a Gemini so along with having a few sides to my personality, I definitely have many different go-to styles. One day I can channel an edgy maybe boho look, and the next I can be proper and preppy. I think of it as channeling my inner Serena one day, and Blair the next. As an athlete, I spend most of my time in workout clothes. I LOVE to style an outfit with Nikes and a fun pair of patterned leggings. My favorite motto is “your smile is your style” and it is your best accessory. So whatever you’re wearing, if you’re sporting a cheeky grin, I guarantee your look will be complete.

I secretly love bad weather because it creates a fashion challenge. This outfit is revolved around my Michael Kors trench coat and Hunter Rain Boots. Underneath it all, I am wearing an Urban Outfitters button-down, UO knee-highs. The accessories are my dad’s Carhartt beanie and last but not least my mom’s MK brown tote!

Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy and I am super excited for the rest of this semester with CollegeFashionista!