Do you remember that girl in middle school who tried to pull off a denim skirt with tube socks and also tried to make pigtails happen (for many years, I might add)? That was me, unfortunately. It was also the end of my fashion statements until recently.

My name is Raven Sharp and I am a junior at the University of Iowa. I am a full-time student, Fashionista, worker and girlfriend which can get pretty overwhelming so if you need to find me, you can either find me in the shoe room at Von Maur or in the office supplies section at Target.

When I came to the U of I, I was so set on becoming a nuclear pharmacist and once I went to my first college class, I knew that eight years of that was not in the cards for me. It was hard for me to express how I was feeling with my family, since none of them had been in my shoes before (much love to my fellow first generation college students, XOXO).

So, I was lost. Emotionally, mentally and literally, like, the bus system is so hard to get the hang of at first. I definitely took the Hawkeye Interdorm to the Hawk Lot a handful of times before I got it down.

Once a couple of months went by, I became more comfortable with my surroundings in Iowa City and I got more acquainted with the creative and artsy side of the city. Come on! Who doesn’t love trees wearing sweaters and benches painted by local artists? I also declared journalism and mass communications as my major.

Since my new appreciation for this city, I have become a lot more comfortable with the way I portray myself, especially in my writing and sense of fashion.

One side of me is obsessed with everything LOFT, pointed toe flats, blazers, button-ups with cardigans and Old Navy (the business casual styles). But, the other part of me loves flannel, pleather leggings, Forever 21, distressed denim and dark lipstick… Like, a shade that is almost black. WHERE IS THE HAPPY MEDIUM?!

I have these two different styles that are on two completely different sides of the fashion spectrum and now that I am familiar with both, I can experiment by mixing the two styles together and trying to make them work. I am so excited that while I am going on this journey, I get to write about it and other Fashionistas/os!

Here’s to a great summer!