STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Turley

Hello my CollegeFashionista community! I am a sophomore at College of DuPage, and I like to smile a lot! COD is located about 30 minutes from Chicago, so being so close to the city I tend to spend the majority of my time there, more than likely at a concert! I eat, sleep and breathe music and love Chicago so much, I know I will most likely never leave this city or its fantastic music scene.

Spending so much time in Chicago influences my style choices so much, as I do ADORE the big city style I see and the business-chic outfits of many young women I observe. I also love coming home to the suburbs and seeing my peers dressed in warm flannels and riding boots. I am obsessed with AllSaints and Michael Kors, something that I probably share with almost every person on this website! Right now I am pretty into dressing in all black and wearing a lot of cool jewelry pieces, but my style is not set in stone; it changes with my mood and, of course, with where I am going.

Fashion is also not my one true love, I view fashion, music and writing as my three children whom I love equally. I draw inspiration from each everyday and incorporate a piece of one of them back into the other at times. For example, I’ll put on music while I get ready and She Way Out by The 1975 will come on and suddenly I’ll have on two tone everything and look ready to go to work in a skyscraper in downtown Chicago. Other days I’ll put on my AC/DC and end up with dark lipstick, distressed jeans and a grunge shirt on.

I am constantly being inspired by all the art forms around me and am continuously evolving, and my style reflects that. I am so excited to be inspired by my fellow CollegeFashionistas this semester and see where being a Style Guru takes me!