STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Hendryx

Effort, confidence and success are the personal goals I have for myself, since I am a senior in college at Towson University and expect to graduate in May. I am almost done working for a bachelors degree in communications with a concentration in public relations and a minor in art history. These goals are important since I am almost in the real world and I can’t wait!

In these photos I am wearing a button-down suede dress. This winter, instead of the suede trend falling out, it has grown into a new style. The suede camel toned fabric is now being worn as a dress. This look is particularly popular as a street style. I consider it business casual. I am wearing it with cat eye sunglasses, ear muffs, tights and block wedges.

This photoshoot was taken in Downtown Annapolis which is lovely at this time of year. It is considered a must-see during the holidays. The streets are covered in lights and decorations and there is free street parking.

This look is something that I got on Cyber Monday, and I have incorporated it into a daily look by wearing it out to brunch. The fabric is actually somewhat thick. If I would do anything differently with this dress, I would wear it with pants and a top, and have the suede dress unbuttoned, kind of like a light coat.

I love incorporating street style looks into my everyday life. My favorite quote is “When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously allow others to do the same” – C.S. Lewis. I think that is why I love social media and self expression so much, whether self expression is through interior design, clothing and style or mood boards on the app ‘Villoid’ (which is my new obsession) I always appreciate those who let their own light shine.

This spring, in addition to the Style Guru internship, I am also interning at an art gallery. Also I have my personal website, which I use to practice writing and to express my interpretation of fashion trends through opinion pieces, style posts and a lifestyle blog. As an older student I am surrounding myself with all the extended knowledge I can get on the fashion industry.

As you may guess, I want a fashion career. So over this winter break I am spending my time emailing with my contacts for informational interviews, using my LinkedIn Premium account to find internships and to watch video workshops on cover letters and resumes. Also I will be applying to graduate school for a Masters degree in fashion entrepreneurship or marketing.

I have also been watching the British Vogue Youtube channel ‘The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung’ to learn insight on the international fashion industry. I have been utilizing the resources of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) to learn insight into the communications industry.

As a motivated Style Guru, I have been focusing on utilizing the many resources and I can’t wait to graduate!