STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Adkins

Hello fellow fashion lovers and radiant souls! My name is Rachel Adkins and I’m a freshman at the University of Kentucky. I’m so excited to finally be a UK Wildcat and to have the chance to show off the SEC’s southern charm.

I love bold coffee, captivating books and the ease that comes with indie folk music. I’ve accepted I’ll have wrinkle lines from laughing and sun spots from my forgetfulness towards sunscreen. I spend my free time hopping local coffee shops, thrift stores and UK sporting events with my darling friends.

Fashion has always brought me joy. This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista and I’m ecstatic about the semester ahead. My adoration towards fashion has always lain heavy on my heart and soul. In my younger years, I can remember opening up pink and gold wrapped presents, full of leather bomber jackets (that of course, matched the one my Barbie had) and Converse of every color. I reminisce on the days when bright pink hair bows, purple eyeliner and sequin beanies lined my closets. Now, I try to embrace a more conservative and free-spirited style, incorporating lots of blacks, whites and soft fabrics…thank God. With my design I try and capture the bohemian-chic ensemble. In today’s threads, I’m sporting a flowy cream dress, layered with my favorite Brandy Melville Aneita Top, a great and essential black leather purse, topped off with some great matte tortoise-shell shades and a relaxed straw hat.

I love nature, mother earth and animals. In my eyes all life has value. I’m outside for a vast majority of my time attempting to embrace the beauty all around me. I love photography and keep my Canon DSLR on me at all times; you never know when you’re going to come across the perfect shot! I love working with portraiture and showing off the radiance humans holds within themselves. With CollegeFashionista, I cannot wait to hunt around for these stylish dare-devils and share them with the world.

I am so honored to have the chance to be a Style Guru at The University of Kentucky, and cannot wait to share some insight into my campus, and my world, with all of you. Cheers to a great semester! Oh, and GO C-A-T-S!