My name is Qiuting Jin, and I am a junior studying Apparel Design and Technology at Purdue University. I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. The reason I love fashion is because my parents love fashion. My mom loves collecting bags and accessories and my dad loves collecting shoes. They always told me how to dress myself when I was little, and they taught me how to spend money on classic products rather than wasting money on trendy ones. My mom helped me form my style—I like to wear black and gray clothing with statement accessories that are classic and will never be out of fashion.

I think it is the family atmosphere that creates my fashion sense. When I was in middle school, I would use most of my pocket money to buy fashion magazines. My parents supported me, and they would teach me how to buy valuable products.

I was an Undeclared major when I was a freshman. When I read about the Apparel Design and Technology major, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to learn in the university. Through this major, I got to know about CollegeFashionista and, fortunately, got this internship. I feel overjoyed to be a Style Guru since this is my first internship in America. Before this, I turned in several applications and all of them got rejected. I am so blessed that my first internship is related to fashion and doing a job that I love.

I want to thank CollegeFashionista for providing me this chance. I am so blessed to be one of this semester’s Style Gurus.