STYLE GURU BIO: Peyton Walker

Hello there, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Peyton Walker and, as a freshman at the University of Chicago, I am excited to enter upon my second semester writing for CollegeFashionista.

As an intended Art and/or Art History Major, I have always had an artisanal sense of aesthetic that has influenced my personal sense of style and my interest in fashion. As much as I can appreciate the work of masters, such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Edgar Degas, so can I adore the craftsmanship of artisans like Elie Saab and Christian Dior who, through extravagant couture designs, truly embody the idea of fashion as Art. Viewing life through an artistic lens gives you a sense of reverence for the beauty of the world around you; fashion itself becomes an art form and style, a mode of personal expression and artisanship.

I have found that among the prolific minds of UChicago students that there is no scarcity of style and, as a proud Style Guru, it delights me to acknowledge and honor the Fashionistas/os I meet on campus. My favorite subjects are those who dress uniquely yet stylishly and even exhibit bold interpretations of current trends. I also try to approach my writing as more than just documentation of college fashion and genuinely try to address valuable style advice or inspiration for my readers. I love the idea of helping the budding Fashionistas/os out there blossom.

I’d like to consider myself a certified Fashionista and qualified Style Guru because ever since I was old enough to dress myself I have used my artisticness to create befitting outfits for my ever-evolving personal style. I’m the kind of girl who refuses to wear the same outfit twice. Currently, I gravitate towards outfits that embody an artsy, charming or quirky air. I draw inspiration from indie or soft-grunge styles and am particularly fond of vintage elements. This past season I have been particularly drawn to the shows of Saint Laurent, Costume National, Orla Kiely. The coming spring gives me visions of Giamba and Fendi inspired ensembles.

Whereas my first semester was an opportunity for learning the ropes of being a Style Guru, the skills and experiences endowed by the internship have inspired me to expand upon my work for CollegeFashionista in this coming semester. The internship has not only given me a newfound confidence in my writing ability and style radar, but has also alleviated my apprehension towards social media. Using this morale, I intend to use the upcoming semester to explore new projects and consider more opportunities in art or fashion journalism. Until then, I hope my columns can engage and inspire anyone from a seasoned fashion devotee to someone just trying to uncover their own unique fashion sense.