STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Muenter

As a girl who loves fashion, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the competition of the industry; there’s always that girl who’s doing one more internship, who has that many more followers on Instagram. The bottom line: Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in that competition and comparison and lose sight of what makes you stand out in the fashion world—you know, what makes you rad. Beginning with my internship with CollegeFashionista, I slowly, but surely have found a way to use the things that I’m passionate about to carve out a quirky little path for myself in the fashion world. And that’s kind of the most rad part about trying different internships in college, isn’t it?

Through my many internships and opportunities, I’ve written about everything from ridiculous male bathing suit trends (the asymmetrical man thong exists, guys) to what it’s like to wear heels as a tall girl to what we’re all really doing on Instagram. I’ve found that bringing a little humor to the fashion industry isn’t that hard at all and I try to make people laugh with everything I write.

The above paragraphs are an excerpt for a “My Rad World” post I did for CollegeFashionista last semester, but here’s the thing: they totally explain my place in the fashion world, how I got to where I am as a senior in college pursuing a career in the fashion/journalism industry and, well, just who I am in general. I hope to continue exploring my love for fashion and my passion for social media, plus connecting with people in this spring semester with CollegeFashionista and adding a little humor to it all along the way. This will be my eighth semester with CollegeFashionista and I am fully prepared (and very excited) to make it the very best yet.

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