STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Cleary

Hey Fashionistas/os, I’m Olivia! I am a sophomore at Bloomsburg University majoring in mass communications and this is my first semester writing as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. From jumpsuits to jean jackets, there isn’t anything I’m not willing to wear or at least try out in the name fashion. I’m an East Coast baby born and raised currently residing in Pennsylvania, but my story definitely doesn’t stop there.
The easiest way I think I can describe myself is as a lipstick loving, stripe wearing, mug collecting, super cool plant mom who’s fashion sense changes as often as my hair color – which I have to say is pretty often. The amount of shoes I have in my closet out numbers the amount of shows in my Netflix queue, and every one of my hats each has a special place on my wall and in my heart. I’ve recently found an undying love for sushi and as a college student learned that cereal is a perfect go-to meal at any hour of the day. My hobbies include hiking, cuddling with my cat, shopping (of course) and doing arts and crafts with my insanely awesome BFF back home.
There isn’t one word that I would specifically choose to describe my fashion taste, other than if I feel confident, I’m keeping it on. I like to think of myself as someone who puts time and effort into what they wear when they’re going out, even just to hang with friends, because like my mother always told me growing up “it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.” One day I may be wearing ripped jeans, a bodysuit and my favorite pair of adidas sneakers, whereas the next day I could be wearing a free flowing sundress with a pair of cute wedges followed by another completely different outfit the day after that. My taste ranges far and wide, including everything in between.

Words can’t express how excited I am for this semester and to see where this takes me in life. I look forward to reading a variety of different articles, getting to know a bunch of other fashion lovers from all across the world and learning about different fashion tips that I can use along the way. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts, keeping up with me (the long lost Kardashian) and learning what I have to share with the wonderful world of fashion.