STYLE GURU BIO: Nilla Austin

Hello, fellow Fashionistas/os!

My name is Emily Austin, but I typically go by Nilla. Much of my life has been spent going through clothing “phases” as some people like to call them, but honestly I just like to experiment with style. I believe that clothing showcases your personality to the world and can be a confidence booster. So, why not go all out?

I don’t like to put my style into one category such as ‘90s grunge, boho or preppy. It’s nice to have a set style, but I love to sprinkle a little bit of everything into my wardrobe. I think it makes for an interesting look that you can experiment with when combining different pieces.

This look I created is something that I adore now that it’s winter. It’s easy to cringe from the frost and bury myself in sweats, but layering is an easy and fun way to transfer warm weather clothes into winter. I took my black American Eagle Outfitters dress and paired it with a cream cardigan and infinity scarf. A fun scarf is a great way to bring color to an otherwise neutral outfit. I also decided to wear faux fur trimmed boots to make the look even more comfy. My favorite part of the outfit was experimenting with jewelry. I decided to take the look a step farther by adding a long single pearl necklace that peeks out below the scarf. Another piece I’ve been loving is my new Vangoddy bag. The stitching on this one is beautiful and it’s big enough to carry everything I need.

I study as a journalist at Middle Tennessee State University with a particular interest in lifestyle, entertainment, beauty and fashion. Throughout my time in college, I have written for the campus newspaper Sidelines and I’ve been an Associate Producer for the campus news station MT10.

Besides fashion, I’m also a huge Pokemon nerd. My Nintendo 3DS is my constant companion, much like I wish an Espion could be. Other interests of mine include reading, binging on Netflix and cuddling with my two cats on the couch.

I’m so thrilled that I get to be a Style Guru and write about my passion. I can’t wait to share all of my thoughts on fashion and beauty with everyone!