STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Nelson

I’m already missing sunny days lounging in inner tubes on a lake, but I’m so excited to begin my senior year and my second semester as a Style Guru. I’m an art history student at the University of Wisconsin and I just celebrated my 20th birthday, which was a nice reminder to reflect on the wonderfully busy, exciting and rewarding life that I am so thankful to live.

This upcoming year I hope to study hard, dance often, keep my plant alive and learn as much as I can from every experience and opportunity I encounter, all while looking incredibly fashionable (fingers crossed!) Expressing myself comes naturally, often intentionally as a stress relief or way of creative outlet, whether that is through dance, theatre, art or fashion.

In my life I try to keep things interesting by involving myself with a wide variety of studies, positions and hobbies as well as pushing myself to expand my comfort zone. Sometimes all it takes is a new experience or risk for me to truly see and think about things differently. This holds true to my sense of style; I love to mix different aesthetics and try things that I haven’t before. At the same time, college has helped me realize that simpler is better (and usually easier). Looking effortless is so much greater if it doesn’t actually require a ton of effort.

This look manifests my love of variety, creativity and simplicity; I chose my comfiest, slouchiest pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and paired them with more fun, charming strapped wedges. My favorite adidas T-shirt and trusty handkerchief came in as edgy, neutral staple pieces for balance. With some small, geometric earrings and a sleek watch for detail, I felt invincible—like I could work a runway but also get my crazy list of errands done.

I can’t wait to keep learning about myself and finding new ways to combine clothing as well as seek out others on my campus that are doing the same. Who knows what beautiful people and inspiring looks I’ll see?

Stay tuned for my next article. Until then, I’ll be hanging outside soaking up whatever summer sunshine is left! Stay RAD!