STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Nelson

Hi Fashionistas/os! I’m Nicole Nelson and I study Art History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I grew up on a family strawberry farm and have always been the black sheep of my family, interested in art, travel, and big city living. I’ve also always had a love for fashion; my mom still talks about me trying on a hundred different outfits a day as a kid. I love the fashion industry because not only is it artistic, it is constantly changing, just like me and my style!

My personal style has always varied: recently I’ve been gravitating towards a mix of classic chic and edgy grunge, but I love to combine a variety of styles into every look. I like to shop on a budget, so some of my favorite pieces have come from thrift shops and sales racks (who doesn’t love a good sale?), but I try to offset this by splurging on more polished staple pieces. My favorite things to shop for are shoes and lipstick because I think they can make a wardrobe more versatile and fun. It’s so easy to elevate a simple, neutral outfit with a statement lip color or a great pair of heels. Currently, my favorite article of clothing is a pair of Italian, beige leather heels I bought in Florence while studying abroad, because they are simple, chic and versatile.

For this look, and for many of my looks, I started with my shoes. I love this pair of sleek black booties with gold accents so I decided to work black and gold, two of my favorite colors, throughout the look. To contrast the chic, polished look of the shoes, and to keep the outfit fun, I chose to wear a colorful, thrifted dress. I then added black tights and an edgy black cropped sweatshirt to play off the shoes and add layers for our chilly Wisconsin weather. Since the gold accents on my boots and sweater almost act as accessories themselves, I kept my jewelry simple with just a few neutral leather bracelets and a gold ring.

I think clothing can express one’s personality and fashion is fun, so I try not to take my style too seriously. I always like to add a fun or quirky element to an outfit to keep things interesting and I’m always willing to take a fashion risk. You never know what my next favorite trend will be.

I can’t wait to keep writing articles and to meet and highlight fashionable people on my campus. I love giving and receiving fashion advice so being a Style Guru here at College Fashionista just feels natural. Thanks for reading! Here’s to a rad semester!