STYLE GURU BIO: Natalie Miller

2016: For me that means my second round of Style Guru-ing here on College Fashionista, as well as the second half of my sophomore semester at CCS (College for Creative Studies) in de lovely Détroit. Though a city known for its cars, it is making a comeback as a creativity hub for design. Attending school in a city with so much creative energy buzzing around couldn’t be more beneficial. It’s incredibly inspiring to see and be surrounded by and a part of so much change, growth, and passion (and seeing the incoming fashion).

At CCS I’m an Advertising Design major and going for a minor in Fibers and Textile (I also currently run the school’s street style blog), with hopes to head into the world of fashion through editorial photography, design and writing and/or styling shoots.
Besides my own street style blogging and this here #rad internship as a Style Guru here at College Fashionista, I do freelance photography and costuming and styling work as opportunities arise.

In my spare time away from studying, I love trendspotting be it in person or ‘net–––I’m stoked to see what 2016 has in store, and from what I’ve seen so far, things are looking bright. I mean, I’m enthused as anything about the wave of glitter which seems to be sweeping social media and fashion photography.
But by far my favorite thing right now has to be all the shade being thrown around––as in lampshading. Apparently this is something new which I’ve been doing for as long as I’ve had an oversize sweater and thigh highs in my wardrobe but I just called “an excuse to not wear pants,” Now, however, not only does it have a title (try an Instagram or Google search for “lampshade trend”), but it’s trending.

Generally, my day-to-day, isn’t so much trend based as mood, as I try and mix my old and new pieces up, combining the vintage with modern. I love layering textures, and get a lot of my inspiration from New York street style (Bill Cunningham is bae), and I feel living where I do in the hub of history and art that is Midtown Detroit is most certainly reflected in my wears with a bit of East Coast-inspo flair thrown in for good measure. I set my style on the day, like a magic eight ball, but from Tiffany and Co. in that unmistakable blue.

However, with this wacky winter I’ve been staying pretty stable with my staples: I’ve been feeling more of a minimalist monotone layering mood: At the moment a good pair of Urban Outfitter’s thigh-highs or just over-the-knees have been my go-tos along with a good pair of high-waisted shorts, and just in case some tights for layering. For the top an overlong sweater with a subtle statement top underneath; trying to keep simple’n’sweet, putting the focus usually on one accessory (see: socks).

I for one am ready to shine a light on 2016’s semester and styles––but definitely while keeping that lampshade look on!