STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Guarino

January 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi fashion fans! My name is Morgan and I’m one of CollegeFashionista’s Style Gurus.

As for a short introduction, I come from the Pittsburgh area, a wonderful place filled with creativity and individuality that has shaped me in so many ways! Currently, I’m a junior and public relations major at Penn State University, where I’ve been exploring my major, fashion, and photography.

Photography, in addition to being a hobby, has been involved in so much of the public relations work that I’ve done. After capturing moments at events, creating social media posts, and more throughout the years, my camera bag has become my favorite accessory. As for fashion, I have always loved the idea of expressing myself through unique outfits.

I use the word “unique” carefully, thinking back to the unfortunate tween years that seem to stylishly-impair us all. Although my 14-year-old self definitely could have used a once-over and a concerned “make it work” from my favorite style king Tim Gunn, I managed to make it through that awkward stage myself, and to develop my current style.

If you think about it, how you dress is how you brand yourself for the world to see! Similar to the way a public relations team manages a company’s brand to fit their mission, you can manage your personal style to show the world a bit about yourself.

I would describe my style as a combination of grunge and vintage, which illustrates the fact that my favorite color is black, my taste in books has always been rather dark and poetic, and my music taste is heavily inspired by the songs of the ’80s as well as any clothing style can!

For my outfit today, I’m wearing a cozy white and gray knit scarf and MICHAEL Michael Kors earmuffs. I am absolutely obsessed with these earmuffs! Not only do they make me feel like Chanel #3 from Scream Queens, but they also keep my ears warm without causing hat hair as I walk from class to class. I paired my earmuffs and scarf with burgundy Madden Girl combat boots to add some color, a pair of light-wash, distressed jeans, and a faux-fur-collared coat.

Other trends I’m loving right now are lace-up boot heels, the comeback of denim jackets, vintage thrift shop items, and anything velvet!

For more from me, and to check out trends happening at Penn State’s campus, feel free to keep up with and share your thoughts on my many articles to come! I can’t wait to see what this semester with CollegeFashionista has to offer!