STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Baldrian

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Morgan Baldrian, and I am a senior at Sacred Heart University. In May, I will be graduating with a major in Marketing and a minor in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. I am so excited to have a chance to join the CollegeFashionista team as a Style Guru in my final semester in college. I cannot wait to show off all the styles that I love around campus.

I have not always thought that the fashion world was the place for me, but now that I am apart of it, I love it! I am from a small, relaxed beach town that does not drive fashion.   However, going away to college made me emerge into my own personal style and try new trends that I wouldn’t have before. This past summer, I worked in New York City and got to see one of the fashion capitals in full swing. During this time, I witnessed many common trends become individualistic styles. I love seeing how people make a simple trend something bold and something of their own. New York City is full of unique Fashionistas!

When I think of my own style, I tend to think of looks that are classic, chic and trendy. I love to wear looks that are simple yet fun, but I also love to step out of my comfort zone and try something new! Bold patterns and bright colors are a great way to make your look stand out instantly. Accessories are also a go to for me and sometimes they are the best way to complete any outfit. Like I said before, I love observing the people around me and specifically seeing how everyone wears their personal styles. Personalized accessories such as monogram necklaces and charm bracelets make everyone’s style different.

I am excited to take on the challenge of writing and photographing the personal and fab, styles at Sacred Heart University’s campus! It is going to be extremely fun learning new individual styles that can maybe be implemented into my own wardrobe as well!