STYLE GURU BIO: Monika Haebich

January 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Above all, one thing I admire is man’s ability to express himself. Granted our infinite ability to adorn, decorate, convey, present and create, it is fitting that fashion and style play such large roles in determining something as seemingly simple as what we put on in the morning. Fashion explores beauty and redefines art through its ability to celebrate and challenge culture, age, gender and mood. Just as we grow and reinvent ourselves, fashion is a living, breathing organism that shapes and is shaped by those around it. It provides the opportunity to create on a daily basis, and it nurtures our daily need to express.

My name is Monika Haebich, and I’m pleased to announce that for my final tenth semester, I will be covering University of Pennsylvania fashion with you as my inspiration.

As fashion, photography, music, art and traveling have always been my passions as well as my inspirations, it may come as no surprise that in my spare time I enjoy being the Art Director for The WALK and Co-Editor-in-Chief for Penn’s section of Her Campus. Aside from that, I have also found a home at CollegeFashionista. In the past four years, CollegeFashionista has provided me with so much more than opportunities or contacts; it has provided me with the ability to do something I truly love, and I could not be more grateful to be a part of an organization that encourages college students to push fashion boundaries and explore the meaning of fashion for themselves.

Fashion has given me the pen to define myself. Through this blog, I cannot wait to record how you reinvent, redefine and style on!