STYLE GURU BIO: Mikayla DuBreuil

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi Fashionistas! My name is Mikayla DuBreuil and I am an apparel design and fashion merchandising double major at the University of Delaware. As a Fashionista aspiring to work in apparel product development, I am so excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! I can’t wait to spot and share your #RAD style on campus!

I first got interested in fashion when I took a sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabrics. From then, I began sketching fashion designs, watching fashion TV shows (What Not to Wear was my favorite) and reading fashion magazines. Each month I couldn’t wait for my copy of Vogue to arrive in the mail. Most often you could find me doodling dresses in my sketchbook—which still holds true today. To me, fashion is a universal language that communicates your own style no matter if that voice is crazy and loud or delicate and soft.

The three words that best describe my style are feminine, effortless and elegant. Considering that my wardrobe consists of mainly delicate blouses, sweaters and gold accessories, my wardrobe is definitely not the most bold. However, I do like to take risks or try a different style every now and then. My wardrobe staples are dark wash skinny jeans (they go with almost anything), pearl earrings and my navy cardigan. Each piece is versatile, classic and slimming which is why I love them all. Secretly, having these staples also saves me money because I can wear them with so many things!

One of my favorite style icons is Lauren Conrad. Her style is always so sophisticated and chic! Speaking of Lauren Conrad, here I put together a simple, chic ensemble with a fairisle eyelash boatneck sweater from her LC Lauren Conrad line. This sweater is a perfect transition piece into the new year. The sweater’s fairisle Aztec-inspired pattern is currently trending and the colors of the sweater feature two of Pantone’s top colors for spring 2016: rose quartz (seen in the pink diamonds and triangles) and limpet shell (the pale blue seen in the zig-zag pattern). Some rosy and gold accessories, tan leather boots and dark wash skinny jeans complete this ensemble for a look that will keep you cozy from winter into spring. The teardrop pendant necklace and the eyelash sweater combine to create a natural look through the freeness of the fibers coming off the sweater along with the stone-like quality and gold leaf of the pendant. This Juicy Couture charm bracelet also adds some elegant glam with a few festive charms for the holiday season.

Well Fashionistas, that’s all for now. I look forward to sharing more #RAD looks with you this semester!