Hey, what’s up my fashion homies! This is Mia Chyung, here to report all of the latest and greatest trends in the modern day world of fashion. I am currently a sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles studying economics, and I’m so pumped to be back for a second semester writing for one of the raddest websites on the interwebs.

Here are a few fun facts about me to get the ball rolling. I was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania, so I’m well-versed of the ins and outs of both coasts. I am an adventurous soul and love traveling anywhere new, immersing myself in languages, culture and nature. I love to document my life and surroundings with pictures and videos. I can usually be found carrying around my phone, camera, GoPro or all three. I could live on mashed potatoes and Kraft mac ’n cheese for the rest of my life. And I have a pretty tight sock collection (my most worn pair is probably my ramen socks).

When asked to describe my personal style, all I can say is that it probably changes more often than Kylie Jenner changes her hair color. I enjoy the free spirit of boho style, the rebellious aspects of edgy style and the confident and athletic nature of sporty style. But no matter how often my outfits change, I will always have a soft spot for leather jackets, boyfriend jeans and oversized flannels. I can usually be found wearing at least one of them (if not all) on the daily, as evidenced in this outfit. I love turtleneck tops for winter time so I decided to pair a cropped turtleneck with a plaid houndstooth A-line skirt. I also went for my favorite combination of knee-high socks and chunky heeled booties to go with the skirt. Of course I had to finish off the look with my favorite black leather jacket to add some edginess to the outfit. 

To me, fashion means so much more than just dressing myself every morning. It has and will always be one of the main ways in which I express myself. I’m so lucky to be going to school in a city where uniquely fashionable people can be found on every corner, and I can’t wait to share my perspective through my own fashion lens and to report to you on the stylish affairs of the vibrant and eclectic city of Los Angeles.