Hello, fabulous Fashionistas! This is my fourth round as a Style Guru. I am a 21-year-old about to start my last year of college (tear). I was born and raised in Minnesota and have not left as I attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Minneapolis to study retail merchandising. This summer, I was able to experience Milwaukee with my internship at Kohl’s Corporate, but the Wisconsin cheese is not for me! Post-graduation, I am hoping to join all of you New York Fashionistas and start out as an analyst where the true fashion is bred. I am a math fashion nerd and hope to become a buyer someday. Through this passion, I have worked my way to retail leadership being one of six on the Retail Advisory Board, VP and later President of Fashion & Business and a mentor for young kids in a crime induced area of Minneapolis to keep them on the right track of a retail job!

I owe my love for clothing and putting all of the pieces together to every episode of Gossip Girl and my high school trip to New York as a fashion study tour. In my freshman year of college, I started working at Saks Fifth Ave OFF 5th which used to be a full-line Saks. When this store closed, I got designer items up to 70 percent off and instantly fell in love with big names. To this day, I am still in awe that I got buy one, get one free Marc Jacobs bags.

As for my style, it is very girly and trendy. You will never catch me in sweats out in public (unless they are cute jogger pants). Lately, I have been really into the baseball hat trend and am wearing a leather David & Young cap from Nordstrom. One of my philosophies is to always have a nice watch as an investment piece. I am wearing a rhinestone Michael Kors one, and I also love Marc Jacobs as well as kate spade watches. Gold is also my color, and can be seen in this long choker from Saks and the studded leather motorcycle jacket by Ellen Tracy. Alex & Ani has also been an addiction lately as I now have seven.

In the summer, you can typically find me in a skirt or some high-waisted shorts. My skirt and top are both from Forever 21. The way I like to think of it is that Instagram is such a hot commodity that people will remember what you wore recently due to the all the photos, so why not buy cheap and fast fashion at Forever 21? The winged liner is also a favorite of mine this summer. Never be afraid to try out a new or different beauty trend! I feel as if so many people have been stuck in the same beauty routine for years, but go off-track and try out something new on the weekends. NYX is great for trying new things with their low prices. Thanks for reading, I’m excited to be inspired by you all!