STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Margaret Yancey

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

I’m down in Georgia for winter break, and though I have no where to go other than dinner with my family, it doesn’t mean I can’t play in my closet. So, one night, before we went out to dinner, I threw together an outfit perfect for a causal night out.

I love funky prints, and this thrifted pineapple skirt is really unique. It has a lot going on in and of itself (for the winter time, at least), so to balance the craziness of the skirt, I decided to match it with my classic black turtleneck to give it a minimalist vibe. It’s a fall/winter staple that is a must-have—you can pair it with almost anything, and is a perfect layering device for lower temperatures.

I got some adidas as a Christmas gift (boo-yah!), and figured I’d wear them to stomp around in and give a structured look to my sheer tights. I think white sneakers really add a pop of clarity and coolness to any outfit, and also can make a look really casual. I made the choice of putting on some gold hoops because they really go well with the adidas and my skirt, and add a flare of ’90s grunge to this look. The camel coat, of course, is another winter staple that goes with almost anything, and adds a sort of sleekness that wouldn’t be there without it.

I feel like this look is the perfect balance of classy and ’90s grunge that you could wear during the day or nighttime.