STYLE GURU BIO: Mary-Kate Rogers

Hi! My name is Mary-Kate Rogers, and I am so excited to write for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru! I love the way in which fashion merges classic trends with modern trends. A classic dress can quickly become contemporary with the use of one or two modern aspects.

While this is the “echo” generation, there is nothing I find more exciting in fashion than a colliding of two great and noteworthy trends. For example, a classic dress shape in a classic black and white pattern such as the one that I am wearing can be made modern with touches of neon, as I exemplify in my shoes, and in one of my favorite pieces, my necklace. I consider the necklace, which contains gold as well as different color beads and faux pearls to resemble Contemporary Art, again contributing to the modern twist to a classic look.  Even a bright statement bib necklace with modern rhinestones can look really cool when combined with a classic piece.

I look to style icons for look inspiration, and a couple of icons that inspired me in creating this look are Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. During the height of their popularity in the ’50s and ’60s, Pop Art was becoming more and more popular. The elegant, yet slightly edgy and funky image of pop artists such as Andy Warhol inspire this look as well as other looks of mine. It’s great to combine the contemporary with the classic, and what’s even better is how rather easy it is to implement, with a few perfect accessories and one classic piece.