STYLE GURU BIO: Marrina Weimer

Hello, Fashionistas/os! I am beyond excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am currently a sophomore at Allegheny College, and I am majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in Psychology.

My mom, sister, friends and cousins have always asked for my advice when it comes to putting an outfit together. As soon as they would ask, I would start running all of the different outfits I could put together through my head. I love styling others. Creating different outfits mixed with diverse trends is my forte.

Ever since I got my first cellphone with a camera, I have taken pictures of anything and everything. I find photography to be thrilling due to having the ability to keep those pictures forever and being able to share them with others. I eventually upgraded from my cellphone camera to a more professional camera. My father bought me this camera in order to be his assistant at weddings. Being able to capture the memories from the weddings for the bride, groom and their families was such a rewarding feeling.

I do not help my dad with weddings too much anymore because I am too busy with school. But I have continued my love for photography by taking pictures of my beautiful campus. Allegheny College is in the small town of Meadville, Pennsylvania, where not many extravagant events are held; however, there are plenty of uniquely fashionable people roaming the campus. The library reminds me of the runway at a fashion show.  I am always observing people’s outfits as they walk past me. I constantly want to capture a picture of their trendy look which some may find creepy, but now I have a reason to.

One of my signature aspects in creating an outfit is combining higher-end items with less costly items. This idea creates a more expensive look to the outfit. Another signature I have is mixing and matching patterns, textures and colors to create my own style. I have always been one to take ideas from Pinterest, runways, magazines and celebrities in order to create my own look. I am not one to take an outfit that I see on someone else and mirror that outfit in its entirety. Everyone has their own style whether you know it or not yet.

I am here to assist with your journey in figuring out whether you’re bohemian chic, preppy, comfy casual or whatever it may be if you have not already figured it out.  You may feel like wearing a long, bohemian skirt one day and a striped polo the next day; that is okay.  Others may just be looking for the latest fashion trends on campus; well, you are also in the right place. Check out my street style posts every Friday and take the trends I spot on my campus and turn them into your own!