STYLE GURU BIO: Marissa DePino

I held the small box in my hand. Slowly unwrapping it, I saw the ring. It gleamed at me, a familiar gleam. In fact a gleam I had seen my entire life. For that was the ring that my own mother had worn on her hand as did her mother before her, my grandmother. It is something that always reminded me of maturity and sophistication. In my family this ring is passed on to the eldest daughter on her 18th birthday. This ring has been passed on from generation to generation, so far going seven generations back. Putting that ring on my finger felt strange at first. I had thought that the moment I put on that ring I would feel older, be more sophisticated and mature.

Now being 19, I have realized what the ring truly means: the ring defines the sense of timelessness. For just as the ring continues on from generation to generation so does the family line, as does the style behind that ring. Since I have discovered this, this idea of timelessness has slowly worked its way into my wardrobe and style.

My style incorporates pieces that symbolize and make who I am. The fox fur coat is a piece of my mother, a coat she has had since she was a young woman. My black sweater shows professionalism and respect, the fact that I respect others in my life, in addition to myself. Now the color of my skirt demonstrates fearlessness. Red is a color that makes me feel bold and fierce. It evokes a sense of power, not to the degree of arrogance, but a type of confidence that can make oneself motivated to move forward in life and become successful. My boots add a sense of playfulness to the look. They tie in the concept of fun and independence into my outfit. For without each item to form this looks, it wouldn’t be a true representation. For each piece I wear is a representation of who I am and who I want to become.

For I am timeless and my style is timeless.