STYLE GURU BIO: Maria Stephens

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Stephens and I am currently a freshman at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York majoring in Fashion Merchandising. This is my first time interning for CollegeFashionista and I couldn’t be more excited! Reading style blogs and other fashion-related content has always played a role in developing my ever-growing fascination with fashion and I am so excited to finally be creating my own content with this platform.

From moving around the Midwest as a child to finally landing in New York this year, I’ve seen how diverse fashion can be. Every individual has his or her own sense of style, but naturally it’s influenced by his or her own experience and background. When I look at fashion I see it as an extension of an individual and his or her story.

Personally, I would describe my style as classic and understated. I find myself drawn to simple pieces with intricate details. For me, one small detail can throw off an entire piece. Because of this, I scrutinize over everything I purchase so much so that others hesitate to shop with me knowing I take way too long deciding on any one item. Though I love the simplicity of my own wardrobe and fashion sense, I have always admired others who utilize fashion in a completely different way. I am looking forward to documenting how these fashionable individuals in New York inspire my personal style and hopefully all of you this semester.

Just from living in New York for these last few months, I can already see a more experimental side of fashion sneaking into my personal style. Take, for example, my outfit here. The silhouette of my top is quite simple, but the crochet detailing on the sleeves adds interest to the blouse. My burgundy pants offer an easy way to integrate a little bit of color into my winter wardrobe and as for shoes, I keep it super simple with my black ankle boots that I have been living in recently. To top everything off, I put on my favorite silver bracelet.

I cannot wait to capture the fashion at Marist this semester. Like I have already mentioned, fashion, to me, is an extension of an individual. This semester, I will meet a number of people bringing different experiences and views into my life—all reflected in their unique sense of styles.