STYLE GURU BIO: Margaret Boyle

Hey everyone! My name is Maggie, and I’m a sophomore at Ohio University. I’m super excited for my second semester as a Style Guru! Here at OU, I’m a commercial photography major, with a focus in fashion, portrait and lifestyle photography. Being a Style Guru is an amazing way for me to combine my loves for fashion, photography AND writing.

We’re all adjusting to being back to school right now, and there is no better place than college to experiment with clothes and fashion. My personal style is what I would call sophisticated, but also edgy. I love bold colors and patterns, but have an equal love for anything black. I will wear anything high-waisted and would choose shorts or a romper over jeans any day to show off my long legs. I’ll also pick heels over flats any day (unless that day requires a lot of walking—then my white vans it is), and love a good chunky pair with a thick heel. In this weather, it’s been impossible to step outside in anything other than shorts and a tank top, and I’m SO ready for fall fashion (and a break from the heat). A typical fall outfit for me would include a heavy sweater and infinity scarf, paired with black leggings or ripped jeans and knee-high lace-up boots.

This particular shirt is one of my favorites because it’s so loose and easy and makes a lingerie-type fabric and lace look sophisticated—basically the basis of my style. As for my purse, I went for one with a blue top and black bottoms—just like my outfit—to pull everything together. If it were even a little bit colder, I would have added my signature piece—my favorite leather jacket.

Well that’s all for now, can’t wait for the upcoming semester!