STYLE GURU BIO: Mai Toyohara

Hey Fashionistas! My name is Mai and I’m so excited to be a Style Guru. I am a first year student at Reed College and I am thinking about majoring in environmental studies. I am originally from Portland, Oregon. I love fashion and all things beauty related.

I would describe my style as minimalistic; and no, that does not mean I wear less clothes all the time. I like wearing simple, clean pieces accented with key “pops,” as I like to call them. I think that a super simple outfit can be taken to the next level by some awesome jewelry. My favorite pieces right now are my adidas Stan Smith shoes and my baby blue men’s J.Crew shirt. I love wearing men’s clothes, mostly because I love the boyfriend look. I love the way a giant button-down shirt looks over leggings or a crop top.

Anyway, let’s get to describing the outfit I’m wearing in my picture! I am actually in Hawaii right now, which explains my warm weather attire. I never get that warm in Oregon around this time of year. I would definitely switch out jeans for the shirts and a pair of boots for the sandals. I am wearing a gingham, black and white boxy crop top from Forever 21, olive green high-waisted shorts from American Apparel and a black with white geometric pattern men’s shirt that I thrifted. On my feet, I am wearing a pair of black leather platform sandals from Windsor Smith. As for accessories, I am wearing a silver fork ring, a black scrunchie and a black and gold Kate Spade leather watch.