STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Terry

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” Anyone who knows me will know that this has always been my motto.

Allow me to introduce myself—I’m Madison Terry, a freshman at Pace University in Lower Manhattan. I’m majoring in communications with a fashion marketing and graphic design double minor (it’s a mouthful, I know). I chose to follow this path because I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do for quite some time—be the art director for a fashion magazine. Basically, when you open it up, I want every inch of the magazine to be my design, from the layout of each page to the font that’s on the cover. 

Fashion has always been a big part of my life (as cliche as that sounds). I’m a firm believer of the saying, “if you look good, you feel good,” and I always try to instill that in my friends when they ask me for style advice. You should dress for yourself and with only your happiness and confidence in mind.

If you were to ask me six months ago what my style was, the first word out of my mouth would be the classic “boho-chic.” Since then, I have been consumed by the New York style of all (or at least mostly) black and minimalist pieces with a few statement items. My outfit pictured represents this new-found style with a pop of detail in my jeans and necklace. Now, I’d like to say my style is getting more monochromatic and simplistic with one “wow” piece, as opposed to the very detail-oriented style that is boho-chic. Needless to say, I still have a few very beloved boho pieces hanging in my closet.

My favorite trends are currently anything and everything snakeskin, faux leather jeans, knee-high boots like these and asymmetrical cuts on dresses and tops like this one.

I cannot wait to start showcasing all the fashionable people I see and get inspired every day at Pace University. Here’s to a #RAD semester!