STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Rome

My room is disastrous, my eyes are strained and my textbooks have officially been retired. My first semester of college has bitter-sweetly come to an end.

My name is Madison Rome and I am a freshman at the University of Delaware. I am on the honors track for Fashion Merchandising, with a strong interest in fine arts, photography and design, as well. I don’t know what I want to be when I graduate in 2019, so for now the ambiguity is all I can appreciate. Beside for my excitement to be a Style Guru, I have involved myself in several other fashionista-like experiences. In March 2015 I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University with a “major” in Communications/PR/Advertising. Meeting with the magazine’s editors was an amazing experience; however, taking a selfie with Brandon Maxwell may have places as my favorite part of the event. Over the summer I interned at TWNZ Showroom in NYC as I lugged with me my art supplies from morning design classes at F.I.T. While with TWNZ, I was able to intern on a photo shoot for Yumi Kim’s upcoming website revamp. On school vacations or any time off, I like to take classes at F.I.T. to get a better idea of what field I want to go in within the broad fashion industry. I’ve taken sewing, illustration, styling, marketing, even jewelry design. I hope to have the time to take even more now that I’m in college.

I love an oversized scarf to march around the cold wrapped in a similarly oversized jacket. I love simplicity of layering in the winter with all of its essential hats and gloves.

I wouldn’t say that I have a signature style. Mine is very eclectic. I’m not loyal to a certain headband or a pair of jeans. My closet will his things that even shock me that I bought it in the first place. So, as a Style Guru, I can’t promise consistency; however, I can promise the headlined rad semester.