STYLE GURU BIO: Madison Krause

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey to all my fashionable babes! To my satisfaction, finals have come to an end and that means its time for January break. Get your ugly vintage sweater ready for Christmas and dust off those sequin New Years Eve Dresses cause it’s time to party.

I am currently a freshman at New York University in the Liberal Studies program. NYU is the perfect school for me because it is in the heart of downtown New York. With SoHo only a ten-minute walk from my dorm, you can say I am obsessed. At NYU, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by fashion at every turn. From vintage to luxury designers and, of course, the newest Yeezy’s, not only are the people diverse but so is their style. Thanks to this environment, I can openly express myself through my crazy fashion choices. NYU was not my first encounter with New York City fashion however. I took summer courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I focused on fashion forecasting and fashion marketing. FIT is where my love for vintage clothing and predicting fashion trends began. If you’ve seen it at a vintage store, I’ve probably tried it.

If you see a girl walking on the street in booties and something black, it’s probably me. Going from street chic to work chic is my specialty. I love finding pieces that I can dress down during the day with a pair of heeled booties, then dress up at night with a pair of pointed toe heels and jewelry. Black is my staple color and honestly makes up more than ninety percent of my wardrobe. I have a passion for finding rare and unique vintage jackets. Recently, I have been craving bomber and fringe jackets. With winter hopefully starting soon, the search for vintage fur has begun. If you catch me in pair of pants, it’s rare. I am definitely more of a dress or slit skirt kind of girl. I do, however, have a soft spot for leather pants and vintage ripped boyfriend jeans. Also, it is rare you will ever find me in a pair of flats. If I can wear heels from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. so can you! Heeled booties, pointed toe, strappy- you name it, I have it. I found that is way more flattering and I feel sexier.

I am all about wearing clothes that makes you feel sexy and confident. Let’s take this fashionable journey through the most amazing city in the world together! I promise, you won’t regret it!