STYLE GURU BIO: Madeline Leon

Greetings Fashionistas/os and happy second semester! I’m so excited to be sticking around for another semester with College Fashionista. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I first started! I guess I’ll start this semester off with a little bit about myself and my style, and hopefully you can draw some inspiration from it!

This past fall was kind of interesting for me in terms of how I defined who I was, and even more than that, what my personal style was.  Prior to this fall semester, I was wearing more of what I thought I liked, which was your typical “prepster” look. However, I never really took the chance to reflect on whether or not that style was what I really wanted to wear.  Where I grew up, being preppy is very common. I thought for the longest time that I was going to be dressed to the nines in Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers everyday, when it came time for me to join the work force.  However, this past fall, I spent a lot more time reflecting on myself and my style—I was thinking more about what made me happy, what inspired me, WHO inspired me, and so on. Honestly, I was finding it very difficult to fully express myself and my feelings through simple, preppy clothing.  Now I’m not saying all preppy clothes are boring and simple, but I was having a major itch to try something new.  A few months later, I certainly still wouldn’t define myself as being the trendiest girl, or the girl with an edgy vibe in all of her looks by any means, but I have started to mix and match styles in a way that has been refreshing and reflective to my personality.

This look here is one of my simpler pairings of different styles, but I really love it as an everyday look because it can be worn to many different functions.  My favorite thing about this look is my fuzzy Banana Republic sweater that Santa Claus so kindly left under my tree this year; I’m not even kidding, it feels like I’m swimming in butter when I put this sweater on my body.  While I’m trying to steer clear of maximum preppy overload, there are a few classic items, like this J.Crew vest that can really pull together an outfit whether it is preppy or not.  I specifically love the color of the vest because that burnt orange was one of my favorite fall colors this year, and it looks so great paired with the off-white sweater.  I chose to pair this outfit with gold accessories that match the zipper of this vest, and I tried a more fun approach with the geometric stars and triangles rather than a simple gold stud earring.

I can’t wait to start pairing more outfits together like this and sharing them with you all throughout this upcoming semester!  Happy New Year peeps!