STYLE GURU BIO: Macy Magliaro

Every story begins with an introduction as every introduction casts a new adventure full of blood, sweat, shoes, blisters and plenty of tears. This particular story involves a 19-year-old broke college student driven by style. As I continue to pursue my dreams in the ever-growing suburban city of Clermont, Florida, I run vigorously around two jobs, school and my personal style blog. Raised by Irish Dance, fashion, travel and family, I strive to inspire others to express themselves through personal style at a penny. While dressing well is one thing, dressing outside the ordinary is another. My goal correlates with my motto: “style smart, penny wise.” 

As a CollegeFashionista on a budget, I stay true and committed to my name. While attending Valencia College in the City Beautiful, I hope to inspire confident and ambitious women like myself to “live colorfully” (As Kate Spade would say) and dress boldly at a reasonable budget. Because dressing up shouldn’t have to cost a fortune if you ask me. And I ensure you, my wardrobe does not! Besides the occasional splurge and staple wardrobe essentials of course.

So follow me through my wanderlust adventures, college roadblocks, broke college girl struggles and boho thrift store finds. Throughout this crazy journey we call blogging (and life), I’ll share my exclusive frugal shopping tips to those aspiring to become smart shoppers like me! And at the end of the day, as I like to say, style speaks when words don’t. And lets be real, life is too short not to dress fashionable!