I am Lubna Allam, your Egyptian Fashionista Style Guru. I study political science in Cairo University in Egypt, and I am currently on a year abroad at American University in Washington DC. I am interested in politics and international relations. I am also interested in intercultural communication and journalism. Studying about different countries opened my eyes to different cultures. I was tremendously inspired by how each country reflects its lifestyle through its traditional costume.

This made me believe that on each person’s level, we should pay great attention to what we wear, as our outfit choice reflects our identity, personality and defines who we are. Since I was a little girl, I showed huge interest in fashion. I spent my free time reading fashion magazines, watching fashion runway shows, making up outfits and matching colors. As I grew up, I began to link between what I wear and who I am. I was always keen that I feel what I wear. I created a connection with my fashion and style choices. Self-awareness is really important when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories and hairstyle. Also your awareness of the people around you is important when it comes to giving them fashion tips and ideas. I started by giving fashion ideas to family members and then to friends, and writing at CollegeFashionista will make me widen my circle and give fashion ideas to girls on my campus and on other campuses across the US. For the next five months I will be spotting Fashionistas with new style ideas at American University, and I will be giving you all the details through my articles.

My style can be described as unique. It is a little bit of everything, I like to get the best out of all. I believe that a girl looks beautiful in whatever she is comfortable in, and there is nothing that makes me more comfortable than wearing fashionable clothes. When I go shopping, I make sure I know what is fashionable for the season, but I never copy outfits from magazines or fashion runways. It is really important that I add my own touch that reflects who I am. I always seek to be original, through the simplest things like the fabric print, the accessories or the scarf. I like to switch between different styles according to the occasion and the place; constant change is interesting!

This week I present an outfit inspired by the fashion and beauty icon Marilyn Monroe. The color red is eye-catching through the high-waisted skirt and the hair band. The red color block is broken by a white Marilyn Monroe T-shirt. To make the outfit more comfortable, I chose a pair of comfortable black boots with transparent black tights. Wearing tights and shoes in the same color makes your legs look longer. I spiced up the outfit by adding red and silver accessories.

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