January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi everyone! I’m Lily, and this is my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista in my senior year of college. I wish this journey would never end!

If you didn’t already know, I am a sucker for tradition. At home, I love to cook with my mom and make traditional Chinese dishes. My style is also influenced by my love for the olden days. Fendi’s spring/summer 2016 fashion show gives off an antiquated feel with billowing blouses and gowns. I’m inspired by all the sweet and armored looks that featured on the runway. While the puffy style is very feminine, the armor-like blazers add masculinity. After viewing their fashion show, I am convinced that a shining dark pedicure is particularly flattering paired with stylish heels; this beauty trend paired with the femininity of billowing skirts, gives the perfect balance between sweet and edgy.

Fashion and beauty interested me from a young age. Some of my childhood memories include listening to Hilary Duff’s soundtrack for hours on a daily basis. More nostalgic memories of the sweet past include when I used to read Teen Magazine and try out different fruit facials, make lemon mixtures to lighten my hair in the sun and watch game shows with my brother on a leather couch.

As a lover of old, quaint styles, I borrowed inspiration from the old fashioned puffy blouse and skirt trend in Fendi’s runway show. I created a gentler look with a similar color theme with coral and different shades of red, the primary colors featured of my outfit. My flowing black babydoll top gives an edgy contrast, and my metallic silver jeweled sandals are slightly heeled. My hat wavers out, adding a bit of fun to the sweet look.

My babydoll top is probably around nine years old now. It’s interesting to look back at old pictures where I am wearing the same shirt or necklace and to see how my style has changed. The best feeling is knowing I am still able to incorporate old pieces into my current style.

What influences your your sense of fashion? Feel free to connect with me on social media and let me know!