STYLE GURU BIO: Lia Gorogianis

What’s up, friends? I’m Lia Gorogianis, a 19-year-old Style Guru with some of the biggest blonde locks you’ll ever lay eyes on. I like to travel the world and dress super funky. But I may truly be a retired old woman that enjoys literature, canines and horticulture. Wait, what? Let’s forget I said that. Remember that I’m here as your go-to fashion guide. Both fashion and the world inspire me, so I’m ready to take you all around the globe in just one short spring semester. But please, hold off on any reference to the whole “Mr. Worldwide” Pitbull thing, okay?

Let’s be real. We’ve gotta focus on those studies, right? As a sophomore, I study English and International Studies at Loyola University Chicago. I’m minoring in French Language and Literature. Oh yeah… I’ve been a bit obsessed with France since I was a wee little thing. It’s my dream to live there one day. I work as a stylist for Free People with a bunch of other insanely rad chicas. I’m pretty busy, but I always make time for my family, my pups and my best buds. If we’re not at a concert or playing Mario Kart on GameCube, you can find us skateboarding throughout the city, spending all of our money on clothes or tasting the latest and greatest treats that Chicago has to offer.

I’m interested in a boatload of trends, so I can’t exactly pinpoint my style. Because I work at Free People, I often dress in boho threads, but I try to add an edgy look to just about anything I’m sporting. I love me some Dr. Martens. If I’m not wearing a pair of those, I’m probably wearing a snapback hat. I’m preparing for a short study abroad trip to the Belizean rainforests right now, so I’m flaunting some of my wacky gear in the photos above. At the end of the day, my goal is to look unique. Blending in is boring. I let my fashion speak for itself. Having said that, I hope to inspire my fellow Fashionistas/os with edgy trends. I want them to feel comfortable in anything they wear simply because they’re wearing it. I always say that you’re the best accessory.

As a returning intern, this is my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I’m proud to say I’ve climbed my way up the Fashionista ladder by becoming an editor, too. I’m that geek in your English class that gets excited for every grammar lesson. But that doesn’t mean I’m a total bore who plays by the rules. I’m an adventurous, creative cookie, ready to conquer the world one fashionable step at a time. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a best-selling novel one day? I’ll keep my options open. Just keep your eyes peeled for my name in the New York Times. Prepare yourselves, fellow Fashionista/os; this semester’s going to be fun.