Hi, I’m Leyan Xu from University of Wisconsin Madison and I’m studying Chemical Engineering. I love dressing up for brunch, late night parties, random shoots and most importantly, for myself. If I have time in a day, I could change five different outfits just for fun. Styling is a very intriguing game to play. I always try to maximize my wardrobe to see how capable it is to create thousands of eye-catching outfits out of less than 100 pieces. It is all about invention, like what Leandra Medline said that she never wears the same thing the same way twice. It is exciting to see how people around you in college express their interpretations of fashion in an unique way. CollegeFashionista is a great platform to share and to learn about trends. I’m glad that I start another semester of interning with CollegeFashionista to explore college fashion around us.

This year the winter chill seems to be relatively less brutal, which brings some extra days to wear whatever skirts and shorts you love with bare legs. Also, one lesson you should learn from Carrie Bradshaw is to treat every nice day as if it could be the last. Therefore, I’m introducing myself to you with my favorite thick wool-tweed skirt from Céline for this moderate winter weather. I am an avowed lover of houndstooth patterns, especially when it’s made in on a yellow skirt. It is so rare to see yellow ensembles on the street and yet they absolutely make a fashionable statement. Contrasting with how retro and conventional the tweed texture brings out, pairing with a pair of sneaker is rebellious but chic. Last but not the least, picking a metal chain bag is an adorable plus to sum up the whole outfit.