STYLE GURU BIO: Leah Arsenault

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, my fellow Fashionista/os! I am so excited to be sharing my very first Style Guru piece. To give you a little background about myself, I am junior Marketing major and Fashion Merchandising minor at Sacred Heart University located in Connecticut. Blogging has been an interest of mine ever since I began my college career, and I have previously blogged about fashion trends on oBaz.com. However, taking photos of my campus peers and sharing their personal style is so much more rewarding to me. Not only is it fun to meet new people, but it also opens up a whole new world of fashion connections, and that is totally rad. Bringing you the latest trends in a way that is fun, fresh and unique is what I aspire to do. So, take this journey with me, and be sure to follow my posts each week.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have shown extreme interest in fashion. Whether that meant dressing up in plastic heels and tutu’s and strutting my stuff around the house at age five, taking sewing lessons through elementary school, saving every fashion magazine I have ever purchased or planning my outfits out each night before school (yes, even accessories), the love for fashion has been ever-present. I remember the day I asked my mother what I should focus on studying in college. Her answer was fabulous: “You love fashion. Pursue a career in it!” Those magical words instantly inspired me. Such a realm of possibility I had absolutely never considered. I specifically remember thinking, “But then I would be doing something I love and enjoy for a career, and that just isn’t possible, is it?” But why can’t we have it all? Working in a field we love, and enjoying every single day of work is the dream, and I am doing everything I can to achieve it!

So far, I have been lucky enough to intern in Boston for SUCCARRA, a public relations agency specializing in fashion and accessories, as well as creating visual advertisements for a local boutique in my hometown. Both have taught me about creativity, inspiration, boldness and the business of fashion!

I believe that style is one’s own personal way of introducing him or herself with just a simple glimpse. It can sum up one’s mood, values, interests and culture in less than a second. My personal style is a mix of feminine, simplistic and multifunctional. I love mixing and matching looks, and making an outfit pop with accessories. Current trends that inspire me include oversized sweaters paired with oxford shirts. I love the classic yet comfortable look.

I hope to artistically bring a look that inspired me to live through witty wording and eye-catching images. My campus Fashionistas/os definitely have unique style, many of which follow two important factors my experiences have taught me thus far: boldness and creativity. I cannot wait to capture each glimpse of one’s style and share it with you every week.