STYLE GURU BIO: Laynie Chappell

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey y’all! My name is Laynie Marie Chappell, I am 22 years old and I am from Ansted, West Virginia. I would definitely consider myself to be a small town Southern girl with big dreams, and I am more than eager to make my small town proud. Growing up where I did, I didn’t get the chance to see much fashion around me. People wanted to look nice, but they didn’t care too much about staying updated on the newest trends. However, this is when I realized that I was different and that I had a true passion for fashion! I have studied Fashion Merchandising throughout my four years at West Virginia University, and I had the amazing opportunity to live in Italy in the summer of 2014 to analyze the fashions there. While I have only flown on a plane and been outside the country once, my wanderlust has been ignited, and I simply cannot wait to explore the world!

My personal style definitely sets me apart from most. I love to study various new trends and piece them together to create my own outfits. I am also a sucker for huge statement pieces that turn heads. I like wearing things that most people are too afraid to. One will find that my closet is full of dresses, skirts, lace and bows. While most people would describe me as being girly, my absolute favorite things to do when I visit my hometown are to go “muddin’” and “fishin’”. I always tell people that my personality is that of 17 people all wrapped up in one little 5’2” body. I have my country side, my urban side, and of course, my Fashionista side! I already serve as a “Style Guru” for my friends, and they always come to me with questions about what to wear. I like giving them the courage to step outside of their comfort zones and try new pieces every once in awhile. As Kate Spade once said, “Playing dress up begins at age five, and never truly ends.” After all, how invigorating is it that we can dress as a different person every day?

To wrap things up, I am more than honored to be a Style Guru this summer! I’m eager to see all the adorable outfits and styles that people have created in their own personal lives. I am also excited to explore this side of the fashion industry and exactly what it has in store for me.