STYLE GURU BIO: Lauryn-Ashley Solomon

Hello all who are reading this! My name is Lauryn-Ashley, and yes Lauryn and Ashley are both a part of my first name. I am from Akron, Ohio, which is far from a fashion-forward city, so from the time I can remember being able to pick out my own clothes, I was always slightly overdressed. Despite the fact that many thought and probably still think that I try too hard with my outfits, in my opinion, I am never trying hard enough to be on-trend, be bold in my fashion choices or be an Android user in an Apple store—in Laymon’s terms: I’m never trying hard enough to not fit in.

I am an introvert at heart but my clothing usually speaks for itself. When Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way of showing who you are without having to speak,” I was somewhere in the back of her mind. But despite the fact that Rachel Zoe knows absolutely nothing about me, including my existence (her loss), if you are still reading this, you can. I am a freshman at Kent State University studying Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing.

My style icon is Zendaya because of the risks that she takes and the fact that she does not define herself to a certain style, silhouette or brand. My favorite fashion designer was and always will be the late Oscar de la Renta because of the class that he portrayed through the clothing that walked down the runway and the femininity that was seen in all of his lines.

My style can be described as chic, modest, cool and professional. Even though these words have different meanings, every one of them can be seen in the clothing that I wear. I like my looks to seem very effortless but put together at the same time. Modesty is very important to me, but it is also important to never be boring. I think that you can be fashionable and stylish while being modest, and I love to show that through my outfit choices. I always try to be unique with my clothing while staying on-trend. I like to take a popular trend and then wear it, but with a twist.

I believe that everyone should own a fitted blazer. As for this look, along with my blazer, I’m wearing distressed shorts, black tights and black pointed toe booties.

I’m excited for you to see how I wear my clothes and explore campus street style and trends! Hopefully reading my articles will garner a love for fashion inside of you if you don’t already have one. And if that doesn’t happen, I hope that something else, whether it’s my eccentric writing style, modest aesthetic or just a deep-rooted emotional connection to my articles, will make you want to keep coming back for more.