January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren. I’m currently a freshman majoring in print journalism at Penn State. I want to use this opportunity to have fun with my passion for fashion and possibly write for a fashion magazine in the future. I have a lot to learn, but I’m very excited to explore style at Penn State and at campuses around the world!

Luckily, my appreciation for fashion started when I was little. Ever since I was seven years old, my mom would take me shopping with her and she would always end up finding me in the shoe aisle, strutting around in heels several sizes too big and several inches too tall for my age. I never cared about how silly I looked even at a young age; I just loved how heels gave me confidence.

Fashion is an important element in my life; I used it as an outlet to help me break out of my shell and be more confident and outgoing. In high school, my friends could always spot me from afar because I was usually the only kid in heels making clacking noises down the hallway.

Fashion inspiration is never too far for me to find. My house is filled with collections of top fashion magazines such as: Glamour, Vogue, Elle and Allure. I admired these magazines and how the fashion designers managed turn create outfits into works of art.

An interesting element about me is that I love creating fashion hacks and transforming clothes or accessories to have different functions in an outfit. I alter dresses into skirts or tops by covering a portion of the dress with a sweater, or another skirt to create a unique twist on any outfit. Another example can be seen right in this outfit, the royal blue socks peeking out of my knee-high boots were actually created from tights that I trimmed to function as sleek, over-the-knee socks.

Growing up in New Jersey, I am no stranger to cold weather. This outfit truly incorporates my favorite components in a winter outfit. First, I chose to wear a cream colored fuzzy knit dress; it looks chic, yet is super easy and comfortable to wear. Fortunately, the dress’ sweater-like material keeps me warm in the chilly December weather. I also chose a black faux leather jacket to add an edgy element and more texture to my outfit.

To complement the winter season, I also added a frosted jewel statement necklace that mimics the shimmer of snow. Statement necklaces are my favorite kind of accessory; it automatically transforms a dull outfit into a vibrant one. I wore my favorite black knee-high boots to add height and emphasize the length of my legs (even if I’m only 5’4″). To top it off, I donned a bright royal blue fringe purse and a bold purple lip to add pops of color into my outfit.

I’m truly pumped to represent the Penn State fashion scene, so stay tuned for more unique styles!