STYLE GURU BIO: Laeh Alexander

Laeh Alexander is an upcoming icon in the fashion industry. I wear multiple hats: model, fashion blogger, stylist, event planner, writer and journalist.  I am currently a mass communication senior with a concentration in journalism and a minor in English.

I have a new blog, L.A. Style, which debuted on New Years, providing a fresh take on trends, fitness and lifestyle. L.A. Style will be a travel and lifestyle blog including all things fashion, beauty, health and destinations. Traveling is one of my passions, because I enjoy experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.

I had the privilege of attending Teen Vogue Fashion University this year where I concentrated in editorial and public relations. It was rewarding to hear lessons from Aliza Licht, Erika Bearman and Claiborne Swanson Frank to name a few.  These women helped confirm my passions and beliefs in my career choice.

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel with Noitavonne Inc. over the summer as an ambassador to places such as Africa, Dubai and China.  I established global relations for the brand as well as handled the public relations division. After graduation this May, I will pursue a career in the field of fashion and entertainment journalism.

One of my favorite designers once said, “Simplicity is the key note to all true elegance.”  I live by this motto every day because simplicity is effortless class and will never go out of style. Coco Chanel inspired me as a little girl to appreciate my first set of pearls.  Chanel has also influenced me as an individual, because she is an example of success despite obstacles placed in her path. She is an icon that helped me realize that adversity introduces you to yourself and is needed for personal growth and strength. I hope to inspire individuals around the world to also follow their dreams and to never give up.