January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ah, semester three as a Style Guru and it has been really real, guys. It’s Kyla, again! Here at Syracuse University finishing up my second year of Collegiate Studies. I am so in love with what I get to do on CollegeFashionista! From creeping on well-dressed students to meeting other style obsessed academics. Each post I write I like to put my heart and flare in it. As I finish up my sophomore year at the good ol’ Orange, I will continue to re-watch reruns of Sex and the City, keep up with my new obsession of HBO’s Girls, and bring the best dressed people of Syracuse to you. I spent the fall interning in my hometown with a local politician. The whole experience was awesome and insightful, but its good to be back to easy Chipotle access and my friends.

My style has definitely evolved since the first time I stumbled upon the CollegeFashionista website in the ninth grade, but certain things have remained the same. I am forever experimenting with my style, though now I am trying to ignore “fashion.” You see, I don’t love fashion, I actually really hate it. Labels are superficial, and runway looks can be unattainable. Tell me, what’s the point in clothing if I can’t wear it on the daily? On the contrary, style is an entity of its own. It is, well, eternal. Style is the thing I clad myself in from day to day. It moves beyond fads and brand names. Style speaks to an individual and their expression. The beauty of style is that it gives everyone the chance to tell their own story. So, this semester I want to tell you lovely readers amazing stories every Monday!

My fashion versus style epiphany took place over the past semester. Things became so hectic, what with classes, working, interning, friends, family and trying to maintain homeostasis. Finally, I saw the light: life is truly too short, to be unhappy! And that included what I wear and why I choose to wear it. It is beyond liberating! I feel so much better about myself, not to mention I cut down on morning routine time! So this semester, I will definitely be searching for the people who inspire me. The people who are daring and effortless. You know, the people that make you take a double-take? Or the ones who make you feel like a bum when they bring their fabulous selves into a room? Yeah, sorry, those ones, but not to worry! As your duteous Style Guru, I plan to break the looks down and make them as tangible as possible for us non-morning people. I will also look into the stylish places and events in the area, as well as give you all a peep into my own closet.

So I close with a thank you for all those who read my post. Whether this is your first peek at the page or you are a devotee, you are what make CollegeFashionista rad!