To all of my fellow Fashionistas/os I am honored to join you in being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. My name is Kira Lewis and I am a sophomore at East Carolina University, and yes I am full of pirate pride! I am studying Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business. Although I have not found my exact calling in the fashion world I knew I had to be a part of it.

Growing up I have always known that I never wanted to have a boring job as an adult. My interest in fashion began to flourish after I watched my first Sex and the City episode. After that I became content with being Carrie Bradshaw for the rest of my life. I began sketching outfits and cutting up my magazines to put together outfits. A few years later I received a sewing machine and my life has never been the same. I became a lover of all aspects of fashion.

My life revolves around the fast pace world of fashion. One of my favorite hobbies so happens to be online shopping. I find myself looking up what is popular for the season and paying attention to what trends are popular on my campus. Seeing how people dress and put together their outfits can give you an insight of what goes on in their minds. I believe no one person’s style is the same. We all think and style differently. I am sure after all of this you are probably wondering what my style is and I can honestly say I cannot use one word to define it. However, I would have to say my style is something similar to a cake. The sprinkles are urban street wear, the icing is bohemian fashion and the cake is minimalism all baked together creating little ole me! Every time I open up my closet I never know what I’ll choose to wear for the day.

I cannot wait to begin my first semester as a Style Guru. By using my campus as my runway I hope to inspire my readers the same way my peers at East Carolina will be inspiring me.