I’ve loved fashion ever since I can remember. It may not look like it with all the floral print cord, battered overalls and turtleneck sweaters, but I’ve always been into looking my best. Any chance I had as a kid to dress up was a chance I would be taking, even if that meant being a little overdressed. Growing up on a farm, I kind of had to wear clothes that would be good to move around in. I wasn’t working on the farm or anything (we only had grass seed and Christmas trees) but having all that land meant needing to play on all of it, even though I just got home from school where I had been playing most of the day. My sisters and I would always play games where we were models on a runway or our fashion designer aunt came to visit and created a whole new wardrobe for her favorite nieces. My parents always made sure we knew how smart we were, but I always liked to make sure everyone knew I was also fashionable.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given was “always hold on to a little piece of your seven-year-old self.” Whether that’s by wearing glasses like these or by jumping in rain puddles instead of walking around them, I try to take that seriously everyday. When I saw these glasses I just new I had to get them. Not only do they add a cutesy, youthful touch but they’re also very “in” right now. More and more I’ve been seeing things like choker necklaces and shaped sunglasses coming back into fashion, and I’m not mad about it. I couldn’t really appreciate them when they were in style during my childhood, so now I’m taking full advantage of the returning trend.

Another tid bit I took from my childhood was layering. Growing up in the Willamette Valley where it’s raining almost non-stop, I was always layered up. Not much has changed, it seems. I love pairing a plain colored shirt with a flannel that has similar colors. It’s cohesive, but a little punk-ish. Skinny jeans are my everyday essential, and I have grown emotionally attached to these white high-tops, as impractical for winter as they may seem.

I can’t wait to see all the styles and advice from around the country, and to share my campus with you! Happy New Year!