STYLE GURU BIO: Kennedy Therese Madgett

Hi darlings!

I’m Kennedy Therese Madgett and I am a CollegeFashionista summer Style Guru attending The University Of California, San Diego. I’m from a really beautiful and laid back beach town in California, and God was I blessed for that very reason. I am equally a “city girl” as much as I am a “beach girl”, and I believe that this becomes very understandable through my style and personality.

You can find me at an art museum, local coffee shop, by the ocean, on an airplane or at my little apartment by the beach with my best friend, at any given moment. If I’m not at one of those places for whatever reason, assume I’m hiding somewhere and studying (we are in college after all). I have a sincere and overwhelming love for art history, museums, photography, fashion, poetry, classic rock, cafés, sailboats, chandeliers, sweets, berries, tulips, F. Scott Fitzgerald and traveling. I have a wild and roaming imagination and I do not intend to ever alter that aspect of myself. I believe that I can show this through several different mediums of art–style being one of them.

I have always had such a sincere love for style and the world of fashion. As a little girl I would cut out articles of clothing from Elle, Vogue and Marie-Claire, creating my own little version of paper-dolls, except without the actual dolls. I would create outfits by combining a pair of killer heels by Christian Louboutin from Vogue Magazine, with a vivacious dress by Dolce&Gabbana (most definitely my favorite designer) from a runway page in Elle Magazine. To be honest, I still play this game, and I visualize it all so much more now. I am a strong believer in developing your own sense of style, and straying away from “fashion norms” in order to better represent yourself.

I’m wearing a black lace tank, paired with a long flowy cobalt blue skirt with a black and white floral design and my vintage Prada belt synching my waist. As always, I am wearing my favorite pair of black booties, which I have almost worn to their death. I then added my black leather jacket to add a tinge of edginess to my girly boho-chic look. I accessorized with my Michael Kors watch, Marc Jacobs chain-link bracelet, an elegant ring and small dangly hoop earrings.

I am always coming up with new outfits and adopting creative styles, as I am notoriously known by my friends to never really repeat an outfit. I truly believe that it is “better to be overdressed than underdressed”, and I probably learned that from my far-too-fabulous mother at a young age. Nonetheless, fashion allows me to show off my spirit through my sense of style, and tell the world who I am, and who I plan to be.

I’m so excited to begin this journey at CollegeFashionista, and I genuinely hope you all come on and join me!