STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Griffin

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello my stylish Fashionistas/os! I am Kelsey Griffin and I am a junior at The University of Arizona studying retailing and consumer sciences. When I am not irresponsibly spending all of my money on clothes, you can catch me irresponsibly spending all of my money on beauty products. My recently created blog, getglamourized.com, was born because my fashion and beauty addiction has become out of control and I have become anyone and everyone’s trend advisor. Strangers hunt me down on the street and strong-arm me into giving them the name of my eye shadow or where I bought my jacket. Because I am bubbling over with all this gathered wisdom, I have to admit that I love to talk, gossip and even shout about all things fashion and beauty.  I can’t wait to share my latest find with anyone who will listen. This is exactly why I am stoked to be starting my first semester as a Style Guru!

My personal style is pretty simple to describe: neutral. If I come across anything black, white, gray or tan there is a pretty solid chance that I’ll love it. Occasionally I come across some dope cobalt blue heels or red pants that I simply can’t resist, but don’t count on these deviations too often. I must admit, my style icon is Kylie Jenner. The way she can transition from Nike leggings and some adidas Superstars one day to a chic LBD the next is amazing. While I am out shopping, I always have her style is the back of my mind. I even pay the three dollars a month for her app so I can see how to shop her looks for less.

Fashion, photography and writing?! I am a happy girl. I’ll be on the hunt this semester for fabulous Fashionista/os to feature from The University of Arizona. So be on the lookout for my findings soon!