STYLE GURU BIO: Kaylin Foard

June 2nd, 2015 at 1:51am

Spending my time exploring Charleston and traveling the rest of this crazy awesome world with a camera, a sense of adventure and a big ‘ole messy bun: that about sums me up. I’m sure I sound so incredibly intriguing that you’re just dying to know about this mystery girl—who exactly is this summer Style Guru intern Kaylin Foard? I’m glad you asked.

I hail from a little town in Maryland, where I’m pretty sure there are more cows, open farmland and tractor-induced traffic jams than people. In short, there’s a little too much camo for comfort. This hum-drum hometown is actually a lot more beautiful and influential than I like to give it credit for, but still I craved a little more – that certain je ne sais quoi that was missing. So to escape the camo infestation, I ran away to the South (yes, you read that correctly) and fell in love with a man named Chuck, Charleston to be exact.

Charleston is one of those places that you can describe to people all you want, but no one can really understand its true magnificence until they are standing in South of Broad on a sunny spring day, surrounded by the smell of blooming jasmine and the sight of Antebellum homes decorated to the nines. Then you just get it and you realize you can never get enough of it.

From Hampstead to the College of Charleston and all the adventures I’ve had in between, my style has developed. It has evolved into something that honestly doesn’t really have a title or trend because minimalist-boho-earthy-prep-beachy-parisian-thrifty chic is a little too long-winded if you ask me. My wardrobe and day-to-day style draws from inspiration I’ve found within the things I love, places I’ve visited and people I’ve met. Most importantly, though, it’s self-expressive just as I think fashion should be. Maybe “all-encompassing” might work to describe it, but you can see for yourself soon enough and hopefully you can help me come up with a fitting description.

Let’s get this summer style party started y’all!