STYLE GURU BIO: Katie Telepak

Hey guys! My name’s Katie and I am a senior at Florida State University studying retail merchandising and product development. I will be graduating college in the spring and cannot wait to intern for CollegeFashionista again!

As you may or may not know, my style is definitely unique. I blame it on the fact that I go to school in Florida but live in Ohio; my closet has a bit of everything. I absolutely adore Rachel Zoe and aspire to be a celebrity stylist just like her in Los Angeles.

My style is very boho and ‘90s inspired. I’m kind of a walking contradiction because I love colorful tie-dye skirts but I also swear by black and white. I’m obsessed with platform heels and bell-bottom anything- tops, pants, etc. If I could get away with wearing platform shoes to the grocery store (like Rachel Zoe) trust me I would have already done it. Some people say I look like Snow White because I have jet black hair and love my bright red lipstick. Trust me, I’d also be as pale as her if I didn’t go to school in Florida.

I pretty much have no shame when it comes to clothing. I could be wearing the most outrageous outfit but if I like it and feel confident in it, I’ll wear anything. When I found this oversized knit, unisex sweater from American Apparel I knew it had to be added to my collection. Next thing I knew I was receiving the confirmation email that it had shipped and was on it’s way to me. I love oversized anything. If you read the actual word ‘oversized’ on the tag, I’m probably already two steps ahead of you; already put it on and dancing around in it. I love that it’s also unisex so it doesn’t matter who can rock and roll in it.

As I already said, this new fav turtleneck sweater of mine is from American Apparel but you can literally find an identical anywhere this time of year. I bought my Zella leggings at Nordstrom a year ago and they haven’t pilled or thinned out at all (hence my undying love them). My knit socks are from LL Bean and my taupe booties are by Steve Madden. My daily jewelry includes some simple rings, my Alex n Ani’s and my Bonnaroo wristband from last summer (don’t ask questions, you can’t take it off).

I can’t wait for another fun and fashionable semester with you guys!